1. The flux commonly used in brazing is.........
a) Zinc chloride
b) Ammonium chloride
c) Rasin plus alcohol
d) Borax

For turning small taper on long work piece, the suitable method is .......
a) By a form tool
b) By setting over the tail stock
c) By a taper turning attachment
d) By a swiveling the compound rest

For turning internal tapers, the suitable method is .........
a) By a form tool
b) By setting over the tail stock
c) By a taper turning attachment
d) By a swiveling the compound rest

Slow speed of the spindle is necessary in........
a) Thread cutting
b) Turning a hard or tough material
c) Turning a work of large diameter
d) All of the above

The following is taper turning method on lathe .......
a) Tail tock set over method
b) By swiveling the compound rest
c) Using a broad nose tool
d) All of these

The axial advancement in one rotation of screw part is known as of the threads.
a) Pitch
b) Lead
c) Pitch diameter
d) Helix angle

In cutting right hand threads, the spindle and lead screw rotates in the ....
a) Same direction
b) Opposite direction
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Spindle rotates but. lead screw does not rotate

The tail stock set over method of taper turning is preferred for ....
a) Internal tapers
b) Small tapers
c) Long slender tapers
d) Steep tapers

The tail stock set over required to turn a taper on the entire length of a work piece having diameters D and d is .......
a) D-d/2L
b) D-d/L
c) D-d/2
d) D-d

The taper on lathe spindles is .....
a) 1 in 10 b) 1 in 15
c) 1 in 20 d) 1 in 30

The lathe spindles at the nose end have .......
a) Internal screw threads
b) External screw threads
c) No threads
d) Tapered threads

The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with .........
a) Internal taper
b) External taper
c) Internal and External taper
d) No taper

The lathe centres are provided with standard taper known as-
a) Morse
b) Seller's taper
c) Chapman taper
d) Brown and sharp taper

The brazing metals and alloys commonly used are ........
a) Copper
b) Silver alloys
c) Aluminium alloys
d) All of these

Solder is essentially a ...
a) Tin-silve base
b) Tin-lead base
c) Silver-lead base
d) Tin-bismuth base

A soldering Iron "bit" is made of ......
a) Brass
b) Tin
c) Steel
d) Copper

The purpose of using flux in soldering ........
a) Prevent oxides forming
b) Fill up gaps left in a bad joint
c) Increase fluidity of solder metal
d) Lower the melting temperature of the solder

Brazing is the process of .......
a) Casing in brass
b) Making steel look like brass
c) Joining plastic sheets
d) Hard soldering using brass spelter

Welding process in which two pieces to be joined are overlapped and placed between two  electrodes is kiown as .....
a) Spot welding
b) Seam welding
c) Projection welding
d) Butt welding

The Purpose of chasing dial on lathe is to achieve .......
a) Picking up the thread accurately at beginning of each cut
b) Taper turning
c) Cutting of tapered threads
d) Cutting of multiple

An important precaution to produce a good soldered joint is that .....
a) The joint area must be clean and close-fitting
b) Aluminum wire must be placed along the joint
c) The soldering iron bit must first be made red hot
d) Flux should be applied both before and after soldering

Post cleaning is necessary at brazed joint in order to avoid .....
a) Corrosion
b) Slagging
c) Oxidation
d) Wak joint

Which of the following taper turning method can be used only for turning external taper?
a) Form tool
b) Tailstock offset
c) Taper attachment
d) Compound rest

If a 25° taper is to be cut with small diameter toward the tailstock the setting of taper  turning attachment would be-
a) +25°  b) -25° c) +12.5° d) -12.5°

The soldering process is carried in the temperature range of .....
a) 40°C to 100°C
b) 180°C to 250°C
c) 300°C to 500°C
d) 600°C to 900°C

Short and sharp angle tapers are machined using .......
a) A taper attachment
b) The compound rest
c) Morse taper attachment
d) The tailstock set over method

In brazing the melting point of filler metal is ........
a) Below 420°C
b) Above 420°C
c) Below 520°C
d) Above 520°C

During taper turning by offsetting tailstock method the part of tail stock offsetted is .....
a) Body  
b) Spindles
c) Base  
d) Whole unit

Seam welding is a...
a) Continuous spot welding process
b) Multi-spot welding process
c) Arc welding process
d) Process used for joining two round bars

The welding process used to join two ends of two pipes of uniform cross section is ......
a) Spot welding
b) Seam welding
c) Projection welding
d) Upset butt welding

In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by ......
a) Voltage
b) Flow of current
c) Contact resistance
d) All of these

The consumable electrode is used in ......
a) Carbon arc welding
b) Submerged arc welding
c) TIG arc welding
d) MIG arc welding

The lathe spindle at the nose end has ....
a) Internal threads
b) External threads
c) Taper threads
d) Snap threads

Combination set consists of scale ...
a) Center Head
b) Protractor Head
c) Square Head
d) All of these

The largest diameter of an external or internal screw thread is known as .....
a) Minor diameter
b) Major diameter
c) Pitch diameter
d) None of these

Which of the following statement is correct?
a) The distance from a peiut on the thread to the corresponding point of the next thread is called pitch
b) The distance which a screw thread advance axially in one rotation of the nut is called lead
c) In single start threads, lead is equal to pitch
d) All of these

The included angle for British Association thread is .....
a) 29°  b) 47.5°  c) 55°  d) 60°

When screw threads are to be used in a situation where power is being transmitted in one  direction only, then the screw threads suitable for this will be ....
a) Square threads
b) Acme threads
c) Knuckle threads
d) Buttress threads

Which thread are not so strong as V-threads, they offer less frictional resistance to motion  than whitworth threads .....
a) Square threads
b) Acme threads
c) Knuckle threads
d) Buttress threads

The included angle for metric thread is ....
a) 29°  b) 47.5°  c) 60°  d) 55°

The top surface of the thread is called .......
a) Lead
b) Turn
c) Crest
d) Root

In a centre lathe, the cutting tool is fed in with reference to the lathe axis.
a) Cross direction only
b) Lonytudinal direction only
c) Both Cross and longitudinal direction
d) Any direction

Which of the following is not provided on combination set?
a) Vernier scale
b) Centre head
c) Protec,tcr head
d) Squaring head

For tight leakage joints, following type of thread i.s best suited ....
a) Metric
b) Square
c) Acme
d) National pipe thread

It is required to cut screw threads of 2 mm pitch on a lathe. The lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm. If the spindle speed is 60 rpm. Then the speed of lead screw will be ....
a) 10 rpm b) 20 rpm
c) 120 rpm d) 180 rpm

While cutting helical gears on a non-differential gear hobber, the feed change gear raiio is ....
a) Independent of index change gear ratio
b) Dependent of speed change gear ratio
c) Inter-related of index change gear ratio
d) Independent of speed and index change gear ratio

Internal or external threads of different pitches can be produced by
a) Pantograph milling machine
b) Profiling milling machine
c) Plano miller
d) Planetary milling machine

Standard taper generally used on milling machine spindles is .....
a) Morse
b) Brown and sharpe
c) Chapman
d) Seller's

The taper of internal dovetail can 'be measured with the help of ....
a) Sine bar
b) Combination set
c) Balls of standard dimension and slip gauges
d) Dial guage

External taper can be accurately measured with the help of .....
a) Sine bat and slip guages
b) Dividing head
c) Precision balls and height guage
d) Combination set



l. The thermodynarnic cycle on which the petrol engine works, is
a. Joule cycle
b. Otto cycle
c. Rankine cycle
d. Stirling cycle

In four strokes spark ignition engine, at the end of compression stroke, before the spark occurs, what is the pressure developed inside the combustion chamber?
a. 2 to 4 Kg/cmsq
b. 6 to 8 Kg/cmsq
c. 10 to 12 Kg /cmsq
d. 14 to 16 Kg /cmsq

In a four stroke petrol engine, during suction stroke ....
a. Only air is sucked in
b. Only petrol is sucked in
c. Mixture of petrol and air is sucked in
d. None of these

The sequence of 4 stroke cycle operaĆ„on of S.I. engine is —
a. Induction — power — compression — Exhaust
b. Induction Compression — Power— Exhaust
c. Compression — Induction — Power — Exhaust
d. Compression — Power — Induction - Exhaust

In a two s&oke cycle engine, the four process in a cycle namely suction, compression, power (expansion) and exhaust are completed in revolutions of crank shaft.
a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four

In a single cylinder 4 - stroke S.I engine the power stoke starts after of crank

  a. 90° b. 180° c, 270° d. 360°

Compression Ratio (CR) of Sel engine is less than C.I. engine because .......
a. It makes the engine lighter
b. Less C.R. gives better performance
c. It is a common practice
d. Higher or equal CR is not possible due to the problem of pre-ignition

T - slot provided in the piston .......
a. To accommodate the expansion of piston when heated up
b. For the passage of lubricafrlg oil
c. For cooling purpose
d. To reduce the weight of piston

The part of crank shaft to which connecting rod is connected is called .........
a. Big end
b. Crank pin
c. Crank web
d. Small end

The pefrol engine gets very rich mixture at the time of -
a. Starting
b. Idling
c. Accelerating
d. Operating at cruising speed

ISO - octane content in the fuel of S.L engine .......
a. Retards auto -ignition
b. Accelerates auto - ignition
c. Does not affect auto -ignition
d. None of these

The volumetric efficiency of a good designed engine may be ......
a. 30 to 40%
b. 40 to 60%
c. 60 to 70%
d. 75 to 90%

The venturi in a carburetor causes ......
a. Increase of air velocity
b. Decrease of air velocity
c. Decrease of fuel flow
d. Decrease of manifold vacuum

The main disadvantage of the mechanical fuel pump is that ......
a. They need to be located near the engine
b. They are prone to vapour lock
c. They operate only after the engine has started
d. All of the above

The throttle valve confrols the supply of ........
a. Air only
b. Fuel only
c. Air fuel mixture
d. None of these

The main advantage of electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is ......
a. High quality fuel distribution
b. Less fuel consumption
c. Rapid response of the engine to throttle control
d. All ofthe above

Which of the following component, in EFI system, decides the amount of fuel to be injected on the basis of signals received from the wide range of sensors?
a. ECU
b. Carburettor
c. Throttle
d. Governor

In EFI system the engine temperature sensor senses the temperature of .......
a. Cooling water at out let
b. Cooling water at inlet
c. Suction air
d. Exhaust gas

In EFI system the inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor senses the —
a. Quantity of Air in the inlet manifold
b. Vacuum in the inlet manifold
c. Quantity of fuel supplied in the inlet manifold
d. Any one of the above

In EFI system the exhaust gas sensor senses the percentage in exhaust gas for calculating air-fuel ratio.
a. NOx b. CO  c. 02 d. HC

The rate of flow of electrons in a conductor is known as —
a. Current
b. Voltage
c. Resistance
d. None of these

A is an electrical one way check valve that will allow current to flow in one direction   only.
a. Diode
b. Transistor
c. Capacitor
d. Resistor

"Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, an e.m.f. is induced in that conductor." This statement is called as
a. Ohm's law
b. Fleming's rule
c. Faraday' s First law of electromagnetic induction
d. Faraday's second law of elecfromagnetic induction

The Large gap in the spark plug may cause the engine ......
a. Misfiring
b. Over heating
c. Back firing
d. Timing disturbance

The main function of the condenser in an ignition system is .......
a. Minimizing Pitting of the contact breaker points
b. To intensify the spark
c. To absorb the energy stored in the primary winding
d. All ofthe above

In general, the hot plugs haveinsulator nose.
a. Short
b. Thin   
c. Long
d. Thick

The vacuum advance mechanism functions at .......
a. Light engine load
b. Heavy eng;ine load
c. High engine speed
d. None of these

The function of a charging system in an automobile is to
a. Supply elecfric power
b. Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
c. Continually recharge the battery
d. Partly convert engine power into electric power

The number of diodes used in alternator for rectification from AC to DC is / are ........
a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6

The charging voltage at the start of the engine is than when the engine is running on load.
a. Higher
b. Lower
c. Equal
d. Any one of these

The high resistance in an alternator output circuit is often caused by .......
a. A bad regulator
b. A shorted diode
c. Loose or corroded connection
d. None of these

The ratio between the number of teeth on the starter motor pinion gear and the engine fly wheel ri.ng gear is about
a. 1:1 b. 1:5 c. 1 : 15 d. I : 100

The magnetic field required for starting motor operation is provided by the .........
a. Armature
b. Field windings
c. Solenoid
d. None of these

If starter motor spins but does not engage flywheel teeth and does not start the engine, the  problem is most likely caused by a bad
a. Magnetic switch
b. Over running clutch
c. Positive battery cable
d. Ignition switch

The colour of tail light in a car is .........
a. White
b. Amber
c. Green
d. Red

The typc of reflector used for automobile head lamp is —
a. Parabolic
b. Hyperbolic
c. Spherical
d. Circular

The stop lights are also known as ..........
a. Tail lights
b. Brake lights
c. Indicator light
d. Fog light

The frequency of flashing light per minute in a turn indicator is about .......
a. 8
b. 80
c. 800
d. None of these

In a horn assembly which of the following part vibrates around 2000 vibrations per second?
a. Diaphragm
b. Tone disc
c. Armature
d. Contact points

A 12 volts windshield wiper motor consumes about .......... ampere of current under normal operation.
 a. 0-1 b. 3-4 c. 10- 15 d. 20 - 30

The purpose of air conditioning a car is to confrol —
a. Temperature and pressure
b. Pressure and humidity
c. Humidity and temperature
d. Temperature, pressure and humidity

Which of the following should be cold during normal operation of the air conditioning  system?
a. Compressor
b. Condenser
c. Receiver and drier
d. Evaporator

Which refrigerant is commonly used in modern automobile air-conditioning system?
a. R- 12
b. R- 22
c. R- 134a
d. R- 134

The purpose of corrugated fins used in condenser and evaporator is to
a. Trap insects and foreign objects, thus preventing them from entering the engine compattment
 b. Control the air flow which passes through the condenser or evaporator
 c. Increase the surface area, thus increasing heat exchange performance
 d. Reinforce the heat exchanger

Which of the following sensor data will the automatic air-conditioning system use to operate the recirculation control motor?
a. Vehicle speed
b. In-car and outside temperatures
c. Engine oil temperature
d. Evaporator temperature

What is/are the causes of wind shield wiper motor running sluggishly?
a. Contact breaker gap is not correct
b. Binding in spindle or gear
c. Excessive blade pressure
d. All of these

What may be the causes if fuel gauge needle always remains at empty?
a. Defective gauge
b. Float arm sticking
c. Float punctured
d. All of these

The important parameter that can be controlled by electronic engine management system are
a. Air fuel ratio
b. Ignition and Injection timings
c. Idle speed
d. All of these

As per service manual recommendations the level of engine oil should be checked when the engine is .......
a. Cold
b. Wormed up
c. Hot
d. Very hot

Which of the following does not come under Vehicle Safety Technology?
a. Air bags
b. Remote key less entry system circuit
c. Tyre pressure monitoring system

d. Night vision Assist


TURNER THEORY SEM 2  JAN2018 1. The flux commonly used in brazing is......... a) Zinc chloride b) Ammonium chloride c) Rasin plus a...